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Just that the trans eventually gave out (sealed for life BS) and some wiring when decommissioned was left raw, as in cut and poked back in the panelling. Sprinters, you'd want to be careful, common fuel pump failures rendered it useless but not.There's a dedicated forum to the cause with everything you'd want to know and what others have done. Mitsu Express gets an honourable mention they keep going till they use more oil than fuel.Have a look at Jucy van rentals, and Wicked campers they have common vans for many a reason, be it parts supply easy repair or the reliable Whats the budget, I test drove few new vans recently with a friend that needed a new van for work.He ended up buying Renault Traffic because it was regardless of price the most comfortable and best drive van out of all.Camping Grounds are the preferred place to stay obviously.Highways provide rest-stops where you can stop for a few hours.I'm 187 cm, and lived for about 3 years in a Sprinter.It was quite reliable if not pricey to service etc. There's some pics here if you're interested Shon E, Well, I'd like to buy the van for as little as possible, but i know you get what you pay for right ;) So I'm hoping to get something from 10000 to 15000 dollars. I'm glad I posted this question before just buying a ford transit, there are so many negative comments about them in other forums as well.

I swear Traffic was in every way better van than 20 000 more expensive Vito.A higher roof is a must I reckon, so it may pay to look for Ex-ambo's.They often have the roof height done, there's the case of sundry fibre-glass panelling/compartments, so it's a matter of strip out what you don't want.thanks for all comments and suggestions :) I'm also 185cm and I can say from experience, the Hiace won't be the best option.Go with a Ford Courier, Renault, Iveco or something like that.

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